Committed to Our Communities

At Arena Energy, we take tremendous pride in our growth from a three-person startup to a significant oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico. We are also proud to contribute to our local, national and global communities in a wide variety of ways.

Meeting Oil & Gas Needs in the U.S.

Energy is vital to our daily lives. It helps us produce food, fuel our transportation and keep communication channels open around the world. Energy from oil and gas production powers all types of industry throughout the U.S.

Natural gas is an important energy source for generating electrical power, heating our homes and running a growing number of alternative fuel vehicles. Arena Energy produces enough natural gas to heat an average of 500,000 U.S. homes for a year.

Oil is also an essential energy source and the key component of products from asphalt to lubricants to plastics. Arena Energy’s oil production meets the average oil requirements of 180,000 Americans annually.

Our Natural Gas Production

Can heat an average of

U.S. homes for a year

Our Oil Production

Meets the average requirements of

Americans annually

Advancing America’s Energy Independence

Because of our unique talent for uncovering missed oil and gas accumulations and the maturity of the Gulf of Mexico Shelf, we believe over 75% of the oil Arena Energy has produced would not have been found and extracted if not for our efforts. In this way, we are helping to promote America’s energy independence.

Supporting Our Families, Local Economies & Government

By investing equity in company projects, professional employees at Arena Energy and our affiliate company Arena Offshore have created wealth that has been used to purchase homes, fund college educations and start new businesses.

Together, Arena Energy and Arena Offshore employ nearly 400 full-time workers including contractors and subcontractors. The income from these jobs supports local economies and provides significant state and federal tax revenue.

In addition to taxes, we have paid the U.S. government over $1 billion in production royalties from Gulf leases.